Glẽžigu: Lexember 22, 2015: LolGlẽžigu

We already know the word and prefix pai for young (human and animals). And here’s a new word, an onomatopoeic term mimicking a purr:

rör cat.

So  put them together and you get:

ˈpairör  kitten.

You cannot, however, just upload a cute kitten photo with the word “kitten” in it and expect it to go viral. Oh no no no no no! We must has “kitteh”! And in Glẽžigu, we has it:

PAARÖÖ  kitteh. (The upper-casing follows the convention of lolcat captions in all languages that have capital letters.)

The orthography is non-standard, of course, because lolcats, lolruses, etc., are not known for their spelling prowess. Normally the double vowels would be pronounced as two syllables (pa.a.rö.ö); here in viral-cute-photo-land, though, they just indicate a silly lengthening of the vowel in place of the omitted sounds /i/ and /r/, like the “h” in “kitteh” (but Glẽžigu has no “h” of any kind).


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